Someone once said the minute that first bucket of dirt gets moved, all your plans go out the window. That’s always been the nature of our business. And a costly one at that.

But not anymore. The Internet is changing the way we all do business on almost every level. And we’re leading the way in construction with a revolutionary solution called the Trimble® Connected Site®.

Instead of crews standing around waiting for you to hand deliver updates, they’ll know instantly when plans change. With Connected Controllers, you’re all on the same page.

Your machines are connected, too. So you’ll always know where they are, how they’re being used and if they’re being maintained. Studies have shown that Connected Machines alone can cut fuel costs by as much as 43%.

Back at the office, you’ll be able to tell if your machines are taking too much time to warm up, if the asphalt temperature is too low at rolling time and if spots are being missed. With Connected Office, you’ll know about mistakes before it’s too late and you have to do it all over again.

It’s a solution that says if you move dirt, you’ll do it faster, more cost effectively and in the right place. That’s the competitive advantage you’ll have when you put Connected Controllers, Connected Machines and Connected Office solutions under one Connected Site.


Never lose sight of the site.

Nobody can be in two places at once. A Connected Office just makes it seem that way.

You’re in your office. But you’re monitoring everything that’s going on at the site. You’re managing your fleet. You’re getting real time information on materials used and where it’s going. You’re seeing compaction data as it happens.

And if changes have to be made, you don’t have to hop in the truck and waste hours getting to the site. You’re in constant wireless communication with your people and your machines over the Internet.

You can even prepare 3D construction models and send them instantly. All from your office. You’re saving time and money. You’re eliminating mistakes and costly rework.

You’re in control, because with Trimble solutions, you’re connected. Some you may already own. Here’s the line up.

Business Center – HCE


Connected Community

Your machines have a lot to tell you. They just need to be connected.

They can tell you where they are and what they’re doing. They can send you as-built measurements and receive GNSS corrections wirelessly over the Internet. They can check volume measurements so your grade checkers can move on to other work.

The machines can receive 3D designs from the office so operators can grade and move earth faster and more accurately.

Your machines can even tell you if they’re being maintained properly. If they’re taking too long to warm up, or if they’re idling and wasting fuel. Machines never lie.

They already have the capability. They just need to be connected. Here are Trimble products that will do just that.

GCS900 Grade Control System

CCS900 Compaction Control System

SNM940 Connected Site Gateway

Make sure your crews are in the loop with Connected Controller. They’ll spend more time working and less time waiting.

When you sync the data between your office and your site, suddenly everyone is on the same page. A grade checker can get the design file, create new measurements and check the results with your office. He’ll know instantly if they’re good to go.

When designs change, the office can send them over the Internet to the controller. Your foreman doesn’t have to stop everything and come see you. Or wait around for you to drive over to the site and show him. He’s already got the changes.

Everyone keeps working. Productivity goes up. Schedules are met. And your bottom line stays green.

Here are the Trimble products that will get the job done.

SPS GNSS Receivers

Trimble SPS985 GNSS Smart Antenna

Trimble SPS855 GNSS Modular Receiver


Trimble Site Tablet

Trimble TSC3 Controller

Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software

Supporting Infrastructure

Trimble Internet Base Station Service (IBSS)

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you never lose sight of your site.

When you know everything that’s going on, fewer mistakes happen. Rework is reduced, if not eliminated. So productivity goes up and costs go down.

That’s a powerful argument to adopt the Trimble Connected Site solution.

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